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Characteristics of the company

Feature 1

flat-organization makes more quick decision-making

Efficient fund management

Our organizational tree consists of only three level, President, board member, and general employees.By simplifying and flattening the organizational structure, we achieved prompt communication, and quick decision making..

Feature 2

Believe in sense of youthful enthusiasm

average age of employee 35,
average age of managers 39

Rewards and recognition within the organization are structured by those people whose performance-based pay and promotion, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or educational background.It is an our result that breaks from conventional wisdom; such as seniority system and regular pay raise system, our company is realized to the maximum youth personnel potential. We believe in sense of youthful enthusiasm, and overturned conventional wisdom.It’s only a difference whether believe or not.There are many execellet youth personnel.

Feature 3

Specialized for niche market

To be a number one company in the market.

To be a number one company in the niche market, we focused on sales financing business, that are difficult for other financial firm to enter. As one of a financial institution, we are focused on niche market which no one enter the marketNow, we have more than 1,000 sales partners, such as telecommunication device, office automation equipment sales promotion companies. We are particularly active in turning even small ideas into products and in cultivating niche markets.